General conditions of use

The responsibility for all information, data, texts, photos, news or other materials which are published in the Club RATIONAL by club members or are transmitted lies exclusively with the club members from whom these contents come. RATIONAL controls no contents which is submitted by club members about the Club RATIONAL and, therefore, takes over no guarantee for the correctness, propriety and quality of such contents.

Club members are not allowed within the scope of the use of Club RATIONAL to:

1. Publish Data, texts, pictures, files, links or other contents which are illegal, threatening, abusive, bothering or are in any other manner offensive. according to appraisal by Club RATIONAL.

2. portray themselves in the Club RATIONAL as another person, e.g., as an employee of the RATIONAL AG or that a non existent relationship with such people exist.

3. Input material , publish or in another manner transfer, software viruses or other information, data or programmes which are thought to contain or are likely to interrupt the function of computer software or hardware or from telecommunication devices, which destroy or limit usage.

4. collect or store personal data about other users.

5. input un requested advertisement, mass e-mails or input other advertisements, publish or in other manner transfer / transmit.

6. Input contents, publish or in other manner transfer, that injures third parties, in particular patents, brands, copyrights, business secrets or other property rights.

if you discover material that offends against these directives or against the general terms of business from RATIONAL, please report this to us, inform us under the menu point „Report abuse “.

With the use of the Club RATIONAL the user has the possibility, to input their own contents (recipes, pictures, texts, etc.). The user commits to, by the production and use of such contents valid right (to follow, e.g., penal right, competitive rights and protection of children and young people rights) and not to injure rights of third parties (e.g. name rights, brands rights, originator rights and data protection rights).

1. The user approves RATIONAL unrestricted, irrevocable right of use transferable on thirds the imputed contents in particular for the recipes and photos and renounces the originator's naming according to. § 13 UrhG.

2. RATIONAL is entitled at any time to use the contents in printed and electronic form, to translate, to use, to change, to delete or to allow usage by third parties.

3. If the user is not a sole originator of the transmitted works, insb. of the photos, he assures that he has obtained suitable rights of use from the originator and may transfer this for the purposes of RATIONAL. For the case that relationship diminish with copyrights and rights holders. The user guarantees that the originator has renounced a naming of his authorship.

4. The rights to be transferred to RATIONAL contain in particular the duplication right, the distribution right and the right of the public reproduction, in particular the inclusion of the rights for publication. The legal grant encloses at the same time the right for RATIONAL, the opposed contents in other contents, namely in every form to integrate into the RATIONAL on-line offers and to utilise for advertising purposes by RATIONAL.

5. RATIONAL it is entitled any time to block the access to single contents, e.g. if the suspicion insists that these offend against valid right or rights of third parties..

6. The recipes published in the Club RATIONAL show no nutritional information or food consultation, but serve merely to general information. The user has to check the recipes in food-scientific regard before the use and to take up technical or medical advice if necessary to the control of which RATIONAL cannot and will not substitute or perform.