Smoked breast of duck with caramelised apple or Berrysauce

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Ingredients (Number of portions: 6)

6 duck breasts  
3 Boskoop Apples (small cooking apples)
500 ml dark balsamic vinegar
250 ml apple juice
100g sugar
300 ml orange juice
50 ml vinegar
Spices (aniseed, fennel, pepper, thyme, orange zest, ginger, allspice)

For the Redcurrant and Port Sauce
300ml good quality chicken stock
200gr red currants
20gr unsalted butter
1 x shallot chopped finely
2 x tsp of fresh thyme leaves
4 x tsp of port (ruby or tawny)
2 x tbsp of honey
Salt and pepper to taste


Method Finishing simmering

Caramelise the sugar and deglaze with the orange juice. Add the spices and reduce by a third. Add the vinegar and leave the marinade to cool. 
Clean the duck breasts and score the skins crosswise with a sharp knife. The less deep the scoring, the better the fat runs out when cooking.  This is important for crispy skin as the searing time is very short. Marinate the duck breasts in the liquid for 1 day. It is important that only the meat lies in the marinade. If the marinade is on the skin, it will burn and taste bitter. 

Prepare the VarioSmoker, place it in the cooking cabinet and start the cooking process. A lead time of approximately 30 minutes is required. Cook the duck breasts as desired with the "Finishing / simmering" process. I recommend staying 5 degrees below the target temperature here as the duck breasts keeps cooking after searing (our recommendation 48°C - 52°C core temperature).

Reduce the balsamic vinegar and apple juice together until the liquid thickens. Take care to watch for the right time otherwise the reduced liquid will become bitter if reduced too much. We recommend periodically putting a sample on a cold plate to test the consistency when cold. 



Method roast duck breasts, caramelise apples

Preheat two grilling and roasting trays in the cooking cabinet. 
Select the "Meat, grilling, B 3.5 minutes" process. 
The duck breasts must lie skin-side down on the preheated tray. 

At the same time, distribute the apple slices on the second grilling and roasting tray and add the butter and sugar. After cooking for 2 minutes, turn the apple slices with a palette knife.

Remove both grilling and roasting trays after the cooking time has finished.

Leave the duck breasts on the tray to continue cooking for about 30 seconds. Leave the duck breasts to rest. Cut the breasts into slices. Plate up with the caramelised apple slices and the balsamic vinegar reduction.

For the Redcurrant and Port Sauce
Place half the butter in a pan and allow it to melt. Then add the shallots and cook them until softened on a medium high heat.

Add the thyme, chicken stock, port, honey and a little salt and pepper. Add about ¾ of the red currants, keeping the rest back to add at the end of cooking.

Turn up the heat to reduce the sauce until it is about 1/3 of its original volume.Turn down the heat, add the rest of the butter and whisk through until it is melted. Add the remaining berries, check for seasoning and serve poured over the duck.